Highlights of EFAS 5

Smart and

Starting June 2019, Smart Tachographs are mandatory in commercial vehicles registered for the first time where the maximum permissible mass of the vehicle, including any trailer, or semi-trailer, exceeds 3,5 tonnes.

Compatibility - ONE4ALL

By deploying excellent system architecture, EFAS 5 Smart Tachograph Vehicle Unit fits in almost all vehicle types. This eliminates the need for multiple hardware versions (e.g. 12 or 24 V power supply) for different vehicle types.

Additional Data Transfer

EFAS 5 Smart Tachograph Vehicle Unit supports the remote communication facility “E5.DU” DSRC Unit EFAS 5 provides an GNSS receiver to determine the position.


Improve workflow

The easy menu navigation simplifies and speeds up the installation work-flow. The easy-to-use software EFAS Service Tool for workshop professionals enables the setting of vehicle parameters in the blink of an eye. Configuration of EFAS Tachographs, software updates, diagnostics and test routines are available in many languages.

Simple installation

An Installation Setup Wizard makes installation and parametrization easy by automatic setup of basic parameters like CAN bus data transfer rate. The Setup Wizard minimizes workload and accelerates the installation process.



Manufactured by BOSCH

High quality manufacturing by BOSCH automotive TS 16949-certified electronics manufacturing facility. Best in class quality and technology leadership comes with many advantages for our customers.

Where to buy?

EFAS is represented by distributors over the European Union and the AETR countries.

Where to buy?

EFAS is represented by distributors over the European Union and the AETR countries.


The EFAS DSRC Unit is a remote communication facility for the EFAS Smart Tachograph according to REGULATION (EU) No 165/2014 and COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2016/799 Annex 1C Appendix 14.

dsrc freisteller

Smart Tachograph / CC4+ trusted vehicle recorder

graphic 02 v1

Provides GNSS positioning data

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Stationary and mobile enforcement

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Mobile Enforcement:
Identifies driver, vehicle & owner of vehicle/company

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MIAMAX Driver App will offer all convenience for the driver plus a FineFleet Management system

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The DSRC Unit for stationary and mobile enforcement purposes

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Intellic EFAS 5 Smart Tachograph receiving, storing and transmitting vehicle information

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Private Cloud and secure data processing

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The vehicle with all its sensors and devices

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Your truck fleet

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Your company & workplaces

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Training & Equipment 1C

The Intellic Group offers "Train the Trainer":

The Intellic Group provides appropriate Training Equipment such as EFAS Training Unit and EFAS Training Box

zf smart tachograph device transparent

EFAS 5 Training Unit

Full EFAS unit with training keys for training and education purpose
  • EFAS Training Unit
  • DSRC & DSRC Cabel
  • GNSS Antenna
  • User-manual, quick guide
  • EFAS Tachograph paper
  • Accessories and installation parts


EFAS 5 Training Box

Durable and hard-wearing case containing all equipment for EFAS specific training
  • Contains all parts of the tachograph system
  • Easy to carry and set up
  • Suitable for tachograph training in driving schools
training card mockup


Test cards are used for training purposes.
  • Driver cards
  • Company cards
  • Workshop cards
  • Control cards
zf smart tachograph device transparent
Easy & Uncomlicated

Intellic-ent Driver App

MAX & MIA will offer all convenience for the driver plus a FineFleet Management system – perfectly suitable also for small fleets.

drive app 01 noshadow
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