ZF Acquires Intellic to Advance Next Generation Fleet Connectivity for Commercial Vehicles
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Smart Tachograph
We engineer, manufacture and market Digital and Smart tachographs and accessories which comply with Regulations in Europe and AETR countries (like Russia, Turkey et so on).

Our EFAS 4.11 (1C) – like our EFAS 4.8 (1B) – are universal devices designed for a with wide market coverage and full array of interfaces (One4All). The parameters are set by test equipment or alternatively over the EFAS Service Tool.
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Compatible with all motion-sensors and tachograph cards

We provide the best All For One Solution!

The Intellic Group is an international, innovative high-tech company with headquarters in Austria and Competence Center in Germany. History of the Intellic Group dates back to 1998 when the company was one of the technology leaders in the field of Electronic Tolling and Intelligent Traffic Systems. In 2007 Intellic grew out of Efkon AG, internationally re-known as leading company for ITS solutions and tolling systems. 


Intellic today is privately owned with a distribution network in more than 50 countries. 

zf smart tachograph device transparent

The state of the art device.

zf smart tachograph device transparent

Fleets also outside EU rely on its functionality.

drive app mia

Intellic-ent App for the smartphone – for administrating driving and resting times, remote data download, FineFleet and much more.

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Intellic is fit for fleet managements

What sets us apart

Striving for

As a result of continuous development inspired by market- and customer-oriented ideas, the company has a mature and well thought out portfolio of the highest requirements Approved and Certified.

Approved and Certified

We engineer, manufacture and market digital tachographs and accessories which comply with Regulations in Europe and AETR countries like Russia or Turkey. Based on the European Version specific nationalized types are put on the markets.

Security and Control

We develope additional tacho­graph-based services at highest security levels which in­crease road safety, improve effi­ciency and manageability of com­mercial traffic. We distribute our products and services via widespread dealer network and via manu­facturers of commercial vehicles.


We distributes our products and services in after-market business via widespread dealer network and workshops and directly to our OEM partners, the manufacturers of commercial vehicles.

Minimize costs

Flexible external manufacturing and an efficient inter­national supply chain enables us to develop, produce and commercialize local versions of the tachograph.

Smart Tachograph

The Smart Tachograph fits in almost all vehicle types.

Digital Tachograph

The most modern and advanced Digital Tachograph on the market

Where to buy?

EFAS is represented by distributors over the European Union and the AETR countries.

All important information collected

The Dealer & Services Network of the Intellic Group is spread over the European Union and the AETR countries.

Service Stations & workshops are well prepared to provide you with the best possible support.

Professional and Certification

Tachograph Training & Certification

The Intellic Group offers “Train the Trainer”. Master, Product and Individual Training for Smart Tachograph EFAS 5 and Digital Tachograph EFAS 4.8.

Our professional sales and support team will take care of your concern.